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Badger Paddles

Badger Sliver, Cherry

Badger Sliver, Cherry
Badger Sliver, Cherry
Oiled blade - long and thin, much like a sliver.
Badger Paddles - Badger Sliver, Cherry
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Long and thin, much like a sliver, the versatile Badger Sliver is great for soloing, style paddling or tandem tripping. The Sliver is a great paddle for those who have a tendency towards underwater recovery strokes.


Specifications**:  W 4 3/4" x L 28 1/2"
Wood Type: Cherry, Oiled
Paddle Sock Included

**Due to the nature of the handcrafted work, these measurements are approximate and could differ as much as 1/4" or more. The width is taken at the widest part of the paddle blade and the length is the measurement of the blade from its end to its neck.


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Work of Art   rating
The Badger paddles are hard to find; there is a long wait if ordering them directly from Badger now. But Rutabaga has these beautiful paddles in stock. Slim tapered blade and beautiful cherry wood. Check out Canadian classic paddling style with in-water retrieval after a J-stroke. Order the Badger oil, which Rutabaga also carries but doesn’t list on their website,

Reviewed by: Gary from Interlochen, MI. on 8/25/2020

my second cherry sliver   rating
I bought a slightly shorter Badger Sliver this year because the Sliver I bought last year changed my paddling style considerably, from simple j-stroke to Canadian stroke (in-water retrieval with a 180 degree blade-flip on each stroke), and losing an inch or so seemed right. The Badger is light, strong, and does exactly what it's told. I put a parawrap on the shaft, just above where my hand rides, so that I can use the gunwale to power my j-stroke without scarring the paddle, and that works well too. I own an ottertail made by a competitor, and it is merely adequate--too heavy and clunky. Badger for me! Of course, right now there's 118 foot of ice on the lakes and streams, so I can't speak to a test drive of the paddle, but I have every confidence.

Reviewed by: jjohn from Belfast. on 2/5/2018