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Why you can't buy a canoe or kayak online without talking with us first.
Here's a question we get all the time:

"Why Can't I Buy This Boat On-Line Without Talking To You First?"

Well, it really just boils down to us wanting to make sure we're getting you the right boat, with the right options– the first time.

Now, you and I both know that computers are great at some things (and of course, we think our online store is awesome), but buying the perfect canoe or kayak needs a bit more love, experience and personal attention than a computer can give– Way more! 

Our goal at Rutabaga is to make you, our customer, uproariously happy with whatever boat you decide to purchase. 

We want to make sure that you get exactly what you want – colors, gunwales or no gunwales, rudder or no rudder, skid plate or no skid plate; in fact, the list of options is almost endless!

The bottom line is: if we are going to ship it to you, we want to make sure that your perfect boat arrives on time, in perfect condition and is the one of your dreams!

In our many years of putting people on the water, we've learned that the folks who build boats are always offering some new or updated color, configuration and option. Sometimes, these need a bit more explanation than we can give on the web.

Not to mention, some boats can be delivered immediately and others have to be special ordered to get exactly what you want. At Rutabaga; we typically have around 1,000 canoes and kayaks in stock at any time. That's a lot of choice! You can imagine why a chat with us goes a long way to make sure you get exactly what you want. Please call one of our experts at Rutabaga, or swing by the store in Madison, WI to explore your options. 

We will listen to what you want, invite you out to the pond for a test paddle, answer any questions, and arrange to have your perfect boat delivered exactly where and when you want it. 

Happy paddling!

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