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Current Designs


As much at home in surf and rock gardening as it is to crossing a mirror-like bay
Current Designs-Prana
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A collaborative effort between Danish designer Jesper Kromann-Andersen and Current Designs award-winning team, the new Prana touring kayak is as much at home in surf and rock gardening as it is to crossing a mirror-like bay. Available in fiberglass and Kevlar layups, the Prana is a quick and highly maneuverable kayak, with an efficient shape that chews through the miles. The hull is more stable than its svelte 21-inch beam would lead you to expect., while a hybrid hard chine and tracking-friendly rocker profile make this 17-foot touring kayak perfect for all conditions. The Prana is standard with both fore and aft day hatches, fore and aft large hatches and a full accompaniment of safety and comfort. Also available in an LV (low-volume) version. 


Standard Options
  • - Composite Seam
  • - Retractable Skeg
  • - Composite Colors

More Info

Length: 17 ft
Weight: 52 lbs
Maximum Load: 375 lbs
Width: 21 in
Depth: 12.25 in
Cockpit size: 32" x 16.5"

Design Features
Form: Swede
Chine: Hard
Hull: Shallow V
Touring Cockpit
Category: Danish Style (All Water, Day Hatches-Back Bands, Skegs)
Paddler Size: M-XL

Bow Hatch: 
9.5" x 9.5"
19 Gallons

Day Hatch:
8" x 8"
11 Gallons

Stern Hatch:
17.5" x 10"
22 Gallons

Material: Fiberglass: Current Design's vacuum-bagged fiberglass laminate is a notch above most other fiberglass products on the market. Vacuum-bagging allows them to select and place reinforcing materials to provide the optimal strength and stiffness properties without adding unnecessary weight. The result is a superbly crafted composite kayak that's impeccably finished inside and out.