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Prospecteur 16

Prospecteur 16
Prospecteur 16
A classic design based on the long-used canoe by the First Nations People
Esquif - Prospecteur 16
Item: ESQ263-48479N
Price: $2,230.00
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The Prospecteur is a classic design. The Esquif Prospecteur is based on the long-used canoe by the First Nations People using today’s materials and building technologies. Its arched bottom meets the freeboard with a soft, rounded chine giving the canoe exceptional glide and a reassuring feel.

The balance and harmony of this traditional design guarantee that the Prospecteur will be as agile on the river as on a lake. Discover all the Prospecteur’s subtleties in a canoe designed for the enjoyment of all paddlers.


- Length: 15' 11" ft
- Weight: 65 lbs 
- Width: 35 in 
- Depth: 15.5 in 
- Material: T-Formex
- Rocker: 3.5" bow and stern
- Capacity: 850 lbs
- Standard: Contoured yoke and thwart
- Shape: Rounded
- Gunwale: Vinyl
- Seats: Webbed seats

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T-Formex is a high tech laminated material consisting of an ABS foam core, ABS sheets, and a protective outer plastic skin. Its resistance to abrasion and heavy impacts make it an excellent material for recreational, whitewater, and expedition canoes. Once heated and molded, T-Formex sheets form a hull that has an unmatched structural memory. So even after being folded around a rock, an Esquif T-Formex canoe will return to its original shape with minimal distortion. Stronger than fibreglass and lighter than polyethylene, T-Formex gives Esquif's designers a material with superior characteristics.

We recommend cleaning your craft with a mild household cleaner to remove dirt and grit. To protect the surface from UV and avoid color fading and to bring up a nice shine you can apply a 303 protectant 2 or 3 times a year. CAUTION: Do not use petroleum based products or strong solvents as this will cause discoloration and damage to the laminate. Impact on Royalex and Royalite canoes will usually cause a indentation in the laminate. They will usually work themselves out after warming in the sun. Larger dents can be worked out by gently warming the area with a hair dryer or hot air gun. The trick is to keep the hot air source moving to warm the area gradually until the dent comes out. CAUTION: applying heat too quickly will burn the surface, be very careful with heat. THIS TYPE OF DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED BY OUR WARRANTY.


Ideally your canoe should be stored inside, upside down on racks in a cool and dry environment. If you store your canoes outside it should also be upside down on racks and the wooden gunnels should never touch the ground. Do not store it where it will be exposed to ice and snow loads as this can distort your canoe. See the wooden gunnels section for specific care instructions.


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Our First Canoe   rating
Extremely satisfied with this boat, especially the stability. It handled our entire family with ease. Can’t wait to take it on longer trips. Our salesperson, Max, was helpful and answered all our questions patiently. Happy customers!

Reviewed by: Matt S from Lake Mills, WI. on 8/23/2020