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Gransfors Bruks

Large Splitting Axe

Large Splitting Axe
Large Splitting Axe
A well-balanced axe, a well-aimed swing, the sharp pop of a clean split...that's what you get with a Gransfors Bruks Splitting Axe.
Gransfors Bruks-Large Splitting Axe
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Splitting firewood is one of those chores that can feel too good to call it work. A well-balanced axe, a well-aimed swing, the sharp pop of a clean split...that's what you get with a Gransfors Bruks Splitting Axe.

Unlike more common mauls, the splitting axe's blade starts off concave and fairly thin, allowing easy penetration into the wood, whereupon the thickening axe head exerts enormous splitting pressure. Gransfors' large splitting axe, with 3-1/2 lb. head, 3" face & 27" handle, is a superb general-purpose firewood maker. A steel sheath beneath the head reinforces the handle against impact with the wood. Note these axes' polls are not hardened for use as sledges.

Important: Always wear adequate clothing and protection for your face and eyes!


  • 3" face
  • 27" hickory handle 
  • Head weighs 3 1/2 lb
  • Comes with a grain-leather sheath


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Average Rating review

Best axe I have ever owned rating
I have owned a number of axes over my lifetime. I have used axes for splitting would and have also taken an axe along on every camping trip. I purchased this axe because I had a pile of rounds to split and as I get older did not want to work as hard as I have to with my run of the mill axe. The Swedish forged axe was one of the best purchases ever. Yes it cost more than purchasing an axe from the local big box store but it was the right tool for the job making quick and enjoyable work of the pile of wood I split. Afterwards I told my wife I was no longer going to order split wood for the fireplace. I had to much fun splitting wood. The axe was worth every penny.

Reviewed by:Stevefrom Oconomowoc, WI. on 12/15/2020

Beautiful Craftsmanship rating
Bought this for my husband's birthday, he LOVED it! Amazing craftsmanship and worked like a dream. He said he never imagined he could split a pile of wood so fast, didn't even feel like work. :) Quick shipping on this item too.

Reviewed by:Ashley from Appleton, WI. on 12/19/2017