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Gransfors Bruks

Outdoor Axe

Outdoor Axe
Outdoor Axe
An elegant hatchet for dependable use.
Gransfors Bruks - Outdoor Axe
Item: 048581-000101
Price: $183.00
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The Outdoor Axe is a beautifully crafted hatchet that packs a punch. This supremely portable axe holds a great edge and, although smaller, is a practical tool for splitting wood. The craftsmanship of this Gransfors axe (like all the others) is incredible.
- 2.5" axe face
- 14.5" hickory handle
- Steel colar for better handle protection
- Leather sheath


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Awesome little workhorse   rating
This is my third Gransfors Bruk. I have their Scandinavian Forest Axe, Splitting Maul, and now this hatchet which I got with the intention of using it for camping, hunting, etc. (basically whenever I could use a smaller more universal version of the two axes I already had). It balances awesome in the hand and feels so light. If you're looking for a hatchet to pack along with you, make this the one.

Reviewed by: Justin from Madison, WI. on 4/19/2020

Perfection   rating
The outdoor axe is the size of a small hatchet, but that’s about where the similarity stops. This thing arrives wicked sharp and does an incredible job of turning just about any size log into kindling if using the right technique. Superbly crafted, it just plain feels good in your hand. Small and light enough to backpack with. Doubles as a knife or cutting tool. An all around survival tool that will last a very long time. I love this axe.

Reviewed by: Rose from Glendale, WI. on 11/26/2018

perfect axe   rating
Absolutely perfect axe. Super well built and just the right size for backpacking. Rutabaga service is a paragon! sam

Reviewed by: sam from douglas. ga. on 12/29/2014

Skillfully crafted   rating
Superb quality - you get what you pay for. You will probably never see a nicer hatchet.

Reviewed by: J. Plesh from Madison, WI. on 12/27/2011