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North Water

Dynamic Tow Line

Dynamic Tow Line
Dynamic Tow Line
Everything you want in a well-conceived tow.
North Water-Dynamic Tow Line
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The development of the Dynamic Tow Line is the result of collaboration between North Water and the world class coaches at Body Boat Blade International. First they addressed the key issues of towing in dynamic water environments: deployment, towing, release, re-packing and immediate re-deployment as critical components of rescue. Part of this effort included designing a bag that would easily and securely hold the rope when open or closed, retain no water and in the event you jettison the bag it will reel in quickly without scooping water. This allows rapid retrieval when used in multiple rescue situations. Ready for the water, this waist worn sea kayaking tow adds security and flexibility so a smart and practiced rescuer can ensure success. The Dynamic Tow Line is designed to easily evolve with a paddler's skill set.

Dynamic Tow Line 35 30SK-35p

 Diameter (in.)
 Length (ft.)
 Bag Size (in.)
 Weight (g)
 1/4" H2prO
 12.5 x 2.5

Dynamic Tow Line 50 30SK-50p

 Diameter (in.)
 Length (ft.)
 Bag Size (in.)
 Weight (g)
 1/4" PolyPro
 12.5 x 2.5


- Retrieves quickly without bucketing water after jettison for quick storage or re-deployment.
- Can be deployed without opening the rope storage
- Adjustable and removable shock absorber
- Waist belt and cam release buckle with high visibility pull bead
- Suitable for serial and multiple tows
- Soft Closed cell foam Carabiner floatation
- Floating Polypropylene 1/4 rope choose from 35' or 50' length
- Comfortable to wear
- Meets Coast Guard Specifications as a Buoyant Heaving Line (50' model)
- Wide gate, stainless steel keyhole eye carabiner with parking anchor.
- Secure Velcro closure
- Drainage panel
- Reflective Trim

More Info

H2prO Rope Information:

 - Premium Firm Handed Kermantle Floating Rope
 - Pre-tensioned Polypropylene Core
 - Excellent for Swimmer Recovery
 - Tightly Woven Polpropylene Sheath
 - Inhibits Grit and Dirt Intrusion
 - Reduced Core Slippage
 - Rot & Mildew Risistant
 - Holds Knots Well
 - Makes Rope Work Fast Easy and Reliable