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North Water

Loop Track Anchors

Loop Track Anchors
Loop Track Anchors
Keep heavy items secured and safe with these low profile anchoring loops
North Water-Loop Track Anchors
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This low profile daisy chain of contact points is great for airbag tie down points available in 12 in, 18 in or 28 in options. The  strips are usually placed on the inside of the tumblehome just before the end of the air bag while the 28" strips work well placed just under each side of the gunnels. You can also use them for North Water's Adjustable Saddle, thigh strap anchors, and gear tie downs. A good vinyl adhesive is required to permanently fix them in place (check out Vinyl-Tec 2000 PVC Adhesive to secure these anchors to Composite, Thermoformed, or Royalex canoes and kayaks). Anchoring strips are sold as a pair.

- Keeps Heavy items firmly secured low in the boat for added stability and safety.
- Makes great use of space in the cockpit ahead of the seat and between your legs.
- Permanently attaches to your kayak with no through hull fastening.
- Loops provide great flexibility in anchoring different sizes and shapes of articles
- Lies flat and out of the way when not in use


Loop Track Anchor 12" (40CO-20C) 

- Vinyl Base: 4" x 13"
- Webbing: 1" x 12"
- 7 Anchor Points
- Weight: 130g

Loop Track Anchor 18" (30SK-75) 

- Vinyl Base: 4" x 20"
- Webbing: 1" x 18"
- 10 Anchor Points
- Weight: 180g

Loop Track Anchor 28" (30SK-75) 

- Vinyl Base: 4.50" x 30.00"
- Webbing: 1" x 28"
- 16 Anchor Points
- Weight: 260g