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North Water


Four key safety items in one product.
North Water-4-Bailer
Availability:Temporarily Out of Stock; please contact us at [email protected] for availability


The 4 Bailer includes four key safety items in one amazing product! 

- Buoyant Heaving Line for Throw/Tow
- Bailing Bucket
- Signaling Device (Pea-less Safety Whistle)
- Hi-Viz Reflective trim

The 4 Bailer also meets Coast Guard regulations for Human-Powered Boats under 19'-8" or 6m.


- Mesh Panel Drains and Dries Quickly
- Durable 420D Pack Cloth Bag
- Won't Crack or Break Like a Plastic Safety Kit
- Heavy Duty Webbing High Visibility Reflective Strip
- High Quality 6mm Multi-Filament Polypropylene Floating Line
- Soft Hand, Easy to Knot & Throw
- Durable Pea-Less Whistle
- Compact, flexible, easy to stuff, knot & throw
- Easily Clips to Boat For Secure and Quick Access
- Use with the optional Quick-Click Belt for waist worn convenience

- Diameter: 1/4" PolyPro
- Length: 50 ft.
- Tensile: 800 lbs.
- Bag Size: 8x5x2 in.
- Bailer volume: 850 ml
- Weight: 287g
- 6mm Multi-Filament Polypropylene Rope

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Transport Canada Approved


Our 4-Bailer is now, officially a rock star. The good people at Transport Canada have seen the 4-Bailer and immediately (almost) recognized it as an approved bailing device.  Not only that, they thought it was so cool that they ordered some for themselves.


Built to same North Water Standards as our professional products,

the 4-Bailer joins the North Water line of Coast Guard Approved safety devices.


It is several key safety items in one amazing piece of gear.


The 4-Bailer will keep you:
Safer with 50 x 1/4" High Quality, Hi-Vis Floating Line
Drier as a 850ml Bailing Bucket
In touch with a Waterproof Whistle

Visible with High Visibility Reflective Tape


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The 4-Bailer is a perfect accessory for Rental Fleets. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just 290 grams. It increases safety for your rental program.


It provides key items often required by water safety enforcement agencies for small pleasure craft including canoes, kayaks, row-boats, SUP boards, rowing shells, tenders and paddle boats.


Its features include:

  • High Tenacity Mil Spec Pack Cloth
  • Durable Mesh for Quick Drying
  • Heavy Duty Webbing
  • High Quality Floating Line
  • Soft Hand, Easy to Knot & Throw
  • Durable Pea-Less Whistle
  • High Visibility Reflective Strip