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North Water

UnderDeck Bag

UnderDeck Bag
UnderDeck Bag
A storage bag that utilizes the space under the deck between your knees.
North Water-UnderDeck Bag
Availability:Temporarily Out of Stock; please contact us at [email protected] for availability


This glove compartment-like bag fits inside your boat above your knees to make better use of cockpit space. Its Pelican Scoop zippered opening is designed to keep the contents of the bag from falling out when opened. North Waters SRB Mounting System makes it easy to detach and re-attach.

Having storage between your knees is practical. Even folks who don't like deck bags appreciate this idea. Access is simple just open your sprayskirt and reach in. There's no awkward reaching behind you into a day hatch.

This is a great place for a wind shell in case conditions deteriorate, and keeping a thermos full of something hot to drink is a no-brainer at either end of the paddling season. This bag is anchored by glue-in vinyl bases. You'll need Vynabond adhesive to glue it into composite and ABS plastic boats. 

Poly boats will require additional hardware for installation in roto-molded boats. Not necessary for fiberglass or thermo-formed/ABS boats. 


- Length: 15"
- Width: 7" tapering to 5"
- Depth: 3"
- Volume: 6L
- Weight: 200g

- Helps keep your Deck clear to Reduce windage and keep spray out of your face.
- Makes excellent use of secure and dry interior space.
- Pelican scoop opening won't spill contents
- SRB Mounting System(TM) makes it easy to detach and re-attach.
- Optional Bolt on kit for installation in Rotomolded kayaks
- Corrosion resistant #5 YKK Vislon zipper with 2 zipper pulls
- Mesh drainage panel

More Info

Read over these instructions thoroughly. If you don't feel comfortable with any of the steps please feel free to call us or North Water. This entire project should be done in a well ventilated area. Also, poor air circulation within the kayak will cause mineral spirits vapors to linger longer. Installation is quite simple and should only take you about 20 minutes.

You will need a Vinyl adhesive to glue the anchors to your boat. If you are trying to install this in a roto-molded, blow-molded, extruded, or poly kayak; make sure to order machine screws, nuts, and washers No adhesive will stick to these materials. 

After you have marked out where the bags are to be attached, suspended the boat inverted; this way you can work in a standing position.


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Average Rating review

My favorite sea kayak accessory! rating
I have had my under-deck bag for about 7 years and I LOVE can hold a LOT of stuff! Windbreaker, sunscreen, snack bars, sunglasses, camera, hat, gloves...and keeps everything at easy access and out of the way! I love mine so much that I just bought a friend one for a Christmas present. She has not had a chance to install and use yet since it is 9 degrees today and snowing BUT she LOVED it as she has been envious of mine for some time as my camera or snack bar is so easily accessible in a slide of the zipper!

Reviewed by:Barbarafrom Milan, Michigan. on 1/5/2015

Wouldn't want to live without it! rating
I guide overnight sea kayaking trips and the extra space the under-deck bag provides is invaluable.

Reviewed by:Joel Beckwithfrom Baltimore, MD. on 12/20/2013

Keep stuff close but out of the way rating
I got one of these for my wife to put in her sea kayak. I've installed easier things in a kayak, but it wasn't too bad to put in. My trick was to put the kayak upside down on sawhorses and sit on the ground with my head in the cockpit. Once installed though---it's a great place to keep stuff you want close by but want out of the way for reasons of fragility or safety. You don't even know it's there as it takes up space that is generally empty. Think of it as a glove compartment for your kayak.

Reviewed by:Darren Bushfrom Madison, WI. on 12/8/2010

Nifty soulution rating
I think that this is a neat little accessory that may shock and awe your friends. It is a nifty solution to a problem that you may not have thought of. What do you do with stuff that you want to keep track of but don't want to have on top of the deck? The under deck bag from North Water is a great solution, it attaches under the deck of your boat, using four vinyl patches. These are glued into the boat and the bag then clips to them. The bag has a small opening facing toward you, so that you can access the stuff inside while sitting in your boat. Under the deck of your boat, between your knees is a convenient place to store things that you want close by, but not exposed to the elements.

Reviewed by:Peter Graperfrom Verona, WI. on 12/8/2010

Sure beats a knee tube rating
This is a pretty sweet little bag, it's perfect for a thermos of hot cocoa or coffee in the colder months. The bag hangs right between your thighs and helps keep your core temp up and the bag and its content out of any water in the bottom of your cockpit. It's great for back up maps, first aid kits, a couple of granola bars or an extra water bottle. If you throw your camera inside be sure it's in it's own waterproof bag or box because the bag isn't waterproof and you can't access it quickly with your sprayskirt secured. It also snaps out of your kayak by releasing four 1/2 in side squeeze buckles that can then be re-secured to a back pack if you have some extra .5 in. female side squeeze buckles. You can also purchase extra vinyl backed buckles so that you can use the bag in multiple boats. For someone who doesn't like a lot of clutter on the deck of their kayak this allows you to keep the less needed items secured in the cockpit of the boat and off your fore or aft deck.

Reviewed by:Scott Hamstrafrom Madison, WI. on 12/2/2010