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Northstar Canoes

Northwind 16" BlackLite

Northwind 16" BlackLite
Northwind 16' BlackLite

If you want to explore rivers or paddle solo this is the canoe for you

Northstar Canoes-Northwind 16" BlackLite
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The Northwind 16 offers a wide variety of paddling possibilities. This is the canoe for you: if you love day trips, but might load it up for a week; love fishing but might need to maneuver through light rapids; love to paddle with a partner but might want to go solo. The Northwind 16 turns on a dime, yet tracks as straight as a true north compass bearing.

Please note: The Northwind 16 in the image is shown in Blacklite with optional wood gunwales.



Carbon outer with Aramid reinforcements. Combines the stiffness of carbon fiber with the excellent tensile strength of Aramid. Northstar's full wet vacuum bag and foam core allows them to artfully balance strength and weight. For those that want significantly greater durability than StarLite, yet value a lightweight canoe. Exterior resin coated for maximum weight savings.
Color: Black carbon weave.

More Info

Length: 16 ft 6 in

Length/Width Ratio: 6.2

Gunwale Width: 32 in

Max Width: 36 in

Waterline Width: 32 in

Bow Depth: 21 in

Center Depth: 14 in

Stern Depth: 19 in

Rocker: 2.5 bow/ 1.5 stern

Weight: 41 lbs

6 freeboard:  1000 lbs

Optimal Load: 275575 lbs


2 WL : 190 lbs

3 WL : 330 lbs

4 WL : 440 lbs

5 WL : 600 lbs