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Northstar Canoes

Northwind Solo 15'6" IXP Clear

Northwind Solo 15'6" IXP Clear
Note: Boat shown in BlackLite material
Beautifully-crafted and versatile solo canoe, that is durable and reasonably light.
Northstar Canoes-Northwind Solo 15'6" IXP Clear
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Northwind Solo offers excellent versatility. Do you want to paddle everywhere from lakes to rapids? Have a dog that shares the tent with you? Want to paddle everywhere with that dog? Look to the Northwind Solo. Paddle it and you will know what a solid, versatile and elegant solo canoe should feel like.

Note: The Northwind Solo in the image may be shown with different product options than what is available in stock.


Length: 15 ft 6 in

Length/Width Ratio: 6.9

Gunwale Width: 26.5 in

Max Width: 30 in

Waterline Width: 26.5 in

Bow Depth: 17.5 in

Center Depth: 12.5 in

Stern Depth: 15 in

Rocker: 2.5 in bow / 1.5 in stern

IXP Weight: 41 lbs

6 freeboard:  700 lbs

Optimal Load: 170340 lbs


2 WL : 175 lbs

3 WL : 265 lbs

4 WL : 370 lbs

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Substantial Innegra with an inner blanket of Aramid. Innegra has excellent impact absorption, great flex, and good abrasion resistance. A full wet vacuum bag makes a durable, reasonably light canoe. Multiple layers of Innegra with no foam core or ribs mean a canoe capable of extended river tripping and expedition whitewater. An extremely durable lamination with far better performance than Royalex. Exterior resin coated, because gel coat chips and cracks when subjected to substantial impacts.

Color: Innegra weave