Cane Canoe Seat


Length: 40 in
Finish: Clear
Sale price$48.95

Product Details

Replace an existing seat, add in another, or stock up on a spare. The Essex Cane Canoe Seat features all natural ash wood construction and beautiful cane webbing that really holds up to the elements. The seats are 34" and 40" in length, 8 1/2" wide (from center mounting points) and are available in a natural or stained finish. These seats work well in either the bow or stern of most tandem canoes and the center for many solos. They work specifically well in Old Town Canoes.


- Overall Length: 34 in
- Seat Length: 13 in
- Width: 9 7/8 in
- Center to Center Distance: 8 3/8 in
- Overall Length: 40 in
- Seat Length: 18 in
- Width: 9 7/8 in
- Center to Center Distance: 8 3/8 in

Natural or Stained

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