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The Eco Fire Bars Mini Bars 36 pack is a best seller. Simply carry & go! Each Eco Single is an individually wrapped, 100% plant-based, and odorless firestarter. Pack one or many in with anything: your food, your clothing, your backpack, or your pocket when you are out somewhere remote, just in case.


  • Pure palm wax, responsibly harvested by the RSPO
  • Sawdust from natural recycled hardwood
  • No Chemicals
  • Non-Toxic
  • Kid-Friendly and Safe
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Handmade in Wisconsin
  • Under an ounce, an individual bar is ideal for any time extremely lightweight gear really matters, like backcountry hunting
  • Easy to ignite. Just light the wick and you have a flame for at least 12 minutes


Use Eco Singles anywhere you light a fire! Ideal for emergency kits, sports bags, camp bags, homes, cabins, music festivals, raceway campgrounds, keeping in an RV, and snowmobile packs... or just to light an ambient fire. Some families even make s’mores simple by roasting marshmallows without wood and just over the bar. These bars also make excellent gifts.

More Info

Size: 2.25x3.5x0.5

Weight: 0.8oz.

Duration: Flame lights for 12+ minutes

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