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We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of make and models to choose from at Rutabaga, but that means that we sometimes don't have specific models or colors shown on our sales floor. If you want to come and check out a specific boat on our sales floor, please call or email us in advance to set up a viewing appointment. If we don't have the exact make and model you're after on the floor, it could take 45 minutes or more to retrieve that specific boat from our warehouses.

The Hala Hoss is designed for taller paddlers or for those who want extra stability to maximize their adventure. Good for a big adventure or an affordable way to spice up your weekends. This SUP package comes complete with an industry-leading Lever-Lock Adjustable Carbon Paddle, a Backcountry Rolling Backpack, hand pump, fin, and a repair kit, making your paddleboard adventure accessible and easy.

Width toward the front of the board provides stability for beginner comfort and allows seasoned paddlers a stable platform for piling on family, fido, fishing tackle, carrying overnight gear - whatever your adventure calls for. This board is the top choice for those carrying extra passengers (dogs or kids) who can’t sit still!

Why choose the Hoss over Hala's other All-Around boards? The Hoss is larger and more stable than Hala's other SUPs, making it ideal for taller paddlers or those carrying more on the SUP. The Hoss shares the same shape as the Straight Up but larger in size.


  • 10'10" X 35" X 6"
  • Board Volume: 368L
  • Board Weight: 23.5 lbs
  • Rider Capacity: Up to 280 lbs | 127 kg
  • Best for: All-Water
  • Included with SUP: Lever-Lock Adjustable Carbon Paddle, Backcountry Rolling Backpack, Fin, Hand Pump, and Repair Kit
  • SUP Shape: Large All-Water Board Shape with Progressive SUP Rocker
  • Fins: One 8” Center Flex Fin with 2 Fixed 2.5” Unbreakable Side Bite Fins
  • Thick Fusion Construction w/ Welded Seams
  • Step-Flat Soft Center Handle and Nose and Tail Handles for easy transport
  • 10 Soft and Centralized Rigging Points with Bungee Cord and Tail D Ring
  • Diamond Groove EVA Deck Pad with a 1.5” Raised Stomp Pad
  • Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty


    1.5” STOMP PAD
    A 1.5” stomp pad allows for precise control and maneuverability of your board.

    A sliver of the deck pad is removed from under the handle so that it “steps flat”. No more of your handle getting in the way while you’re walking your line. A removable padded neoprene handle provides comfortability for carrying the board.

    A diamond grooved EVA deck pad allows for maximum traction through the gnarliest of whitewater sections while still being gentle enough for the bare hands and feet in your downward dog.

    All of Hala's rigging points are now made of high-quality webbing to prevent the knuckle-busting that metal rings cause. And since these webbing rings are designed as close to the center stringer line as possible, you don't have to sacrifice performance when you need to strap heavy gear on board.
    The outline of this board gives you the stability to feel confident on any water and is sleek for speed and efficiency.
    A squared-off, blunt tail provides quick release and rail to rail response while adding secondary stability for slower maneuvers.  

    Tow your board from the D-Ring rigging point located under the nose. This comes in handy on multiday river trips or for tying your board up when you want to take a break.

    With one hand, the bungee chord upfront conveniently and quickly holds your paddle when you're doing yoga or reeling in the catch of the day!
    Hala's Progressive Rocker is designed to be playful in the waves and snappy along the flatwater sections of river. The nose rocker is punchy, the middle of the SUP is reasonably flat, and tail rocker gives you quick directional control. This paddleboard strikes the perfect balance between the sportiness of River Rocker and the speed of Glide Rocker.
    This lower-tech, but higher durability setup is ideal for those who have no preference on their fin configuration. These non-removable 2.5" fixed fins are available on the Hoss, Straight Up, and the Playa. As the name suggests, these fins are very durable, perform very well in shallow water, and stand up to whatever beating is thrown their way.
    The universal fin box comes standard on many inflatable paddleboards across a variety of brands. This is a longer fin box that can accept a variety of fin sizes: 3” Gummy, 4.5” Gummy, 8” Gummy, or 9” Race fins (available from Hala) or any U.S. Fin Box compatible fins. This fin box is ideal for flatwater adventures or high-flow SUP racing on rivers where larger fins are necessary for taking the scoop out of your paddle stroke for maximum forward power.
    Thick Fusion is Hala's high-end, multi-coated Fusion Drop Stitch, making their river boards lighter and still ready to take all of the abuse. The core of Hala Gear SUPs uses a stacking and bonding process that gives you a tougher board that lasts longer.

    Hala uses a thicker, slightly heavier fusion, to keep things beefier for improved abrasion resistance - it costs a little more to make, but the dependability in all environments is worth it. Hala is able to use less material overall by utilizing a new manufacturing technology that maintains overall durability.

    A rolling backpack designed with each rolled board shape in mind. This roller doubles as an ergonomic padded backpack that can be carried anywhere you go. The straps easily stash for when you check your bag. Fits your board, pump, and collapsible paddle.

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