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Frost River Canoe Packs all offer steadfast sanctuary for fragile ultralight camping gear. Just as a turtle appreciates his shell, your lightweight synthetics will relish traveling in hearty, natural materials. Plus it strikes a harmonious chord… traveling in nature with cotton and leather. All is as it should be.

It has been said our Old No. 7 Canoe Pack is named after a bourbon from Tennessee— or a mule, owned by ‘Mad Jack’, one of Grizzly Adams’ few human friends… all we’re gonna say for sure is that our Old No. 7 Canoe Pack is handy to have along in canoe country (or wherever you use it) because it’s durable, a great size, and filled with features! Old No. 7 Pack, not to be mistaken for a day pack, the Old No. 7 is big. It’s a canoe pack, meant to contain a full (but well chosen) camping kit: tent, sleeping bag, cook pot, rain gear, first aid, skivvies, saw, a pair of socks and maybe a bit more. It all oughtta fit in a pack this size. If it won’t fit, you might not really need it.


SIZE: 23in H x 21in W x 6in D

VOLUME/WEIGHT: 47.49 L (Actual), 85.47 L (Expanded Approx.). weight: 6.1 lbs.

POCKETS: 2 external slip, 1 internal map pocket.

CLOSURE: Internal rain flaps, large flap over main compartment.

SHOULDER STRAPS: Harness leather, foam pad, buckskin.

COMPRESSION SYSTEM: Leather straps and buckles, para cord, d-rings.

BASE: Double layer waxed canvas.

MATERIALS: 18 oz. waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.

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