Paddle Sack


Style: Single
Size: Short
Sale price$105.00

Product Details

When on the road and between canoe trips, protect your paddle in a Frost River Paddle Sack. That way you will remember where each rock left its mark on the blade and be sure that the dent in the shaft didn't come from something like a folding chair stored in the basement. Waxed canvas construction with flannel lining.


SIZE (SHORT): Single- Fits one paddle up to 54in long (1.15 lbs). Double- Fits two paddles up to 54in long. (1.4lbs)

SIZE (LONG): Single: Fit one paddle up to 60in long. (1.55 lbs) Double- Fits two paddles up to 60in long. (1.75 lbs)

CLOSURE: Cotton web tie

MATERIALS: 10.10oz waxed canvas, flannel, cotton web tie and leather logo.

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