Paddleboy Peanut Cart


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Our Paddleboy™ Peanut cart has an inner dimension of 17”, but the upright tubes are fixed at 7.5”, making it suitable for most kayaks. The sturdy wheels will carry up to 150 pounds, and the minicell foam will enable it to float. Like the Paddleboy™ Original cart, it folds for storage. Updated with new wheels and a new lower price for 2017.


Inner frame width of 17in
Fixed upright tubes are 7.5in.
Max. load capacity is 150LB.
Frame: 20mm
Axle Width: 17in

Similar in design and function to the Original Cart, just scaled down!
Thermal molded wheels with rubber tread
Folds for quick storage
Mini cell foam pads boat during transit, and allows cart to float

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