PanFish Portrait Camera Pole


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A picture says a thousand words, so keep it short and sweet with the PanFish Portrait ! Designed for mounting in front of the paddler, the low profile of this full featured camera mount keeps it out of your way but readily available for trophy pictures or reverse angle video of the big fight. The pivoting head can be positioned at any angle in the horizontal plane. This creates the perfect scenario for "hero" shots.

1) Rotate LCD towards you
2) Navigate your camera's menu to set the delay timer
3) Rotate lens towards you and pick up your fish before timer fires
4) Perfect hero shot!

This same process can be used for taking Catch-Photo-Release photos while holding the fish securely to the measuring board and getting your mug in the shot to boot! The PanFish Portrait was designed for a maximum payload of 2 lbs, making it ideal for reverse angle video with "heavier" cameras.

  • PanFish Porttrait Camera Pole
  • Compatible with Scotty and Cannon Mounts
  • Pivoting mast with adjustable friction disk for horizontal panning
  • 6" Tall (With RAM Camera Mounting Option)
  • Weighs 7oz with RAM Camera Mounting Option
  • 2lb Max Recommended Payload
  • UV Resistant
  • Made in the USA

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