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The Hala Rado SUP Kit is the right inflatable stand-up paddleboard for a larger or expedition paddler who may want to use their SUP on whitewater and flatwater. The Rado blends whitewater SUP features, like a Progressive-River Rocker SUP profile and retractable 9” StompBox 2 fin system with a long waterline to hold speed and drive in rapids and in flat water.

This SUP Kit includes an industry-leading Lever-Lock Adjustable Carbon Paddle, a rollingbackpack, hand pump, fins and a repair kit, so you can grab your PFD and sunscreen and head directly to your next adventure.

The Hala Rado’s higher on-board weight capacity and the large, open-and-riggable deck are perfect for overnight camping and gear-heavy expeditions or paddling around the lake with extra passengers along for the ride! (like your fidos or kiddos!)https://youtu.be/BgPq6Fb35nc

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