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Size: X-Small
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The NRS Sandal Wetsock is a perfect solution for cold feet. Wear them with a pair of sandals or sneakers to add extra warmth without the bulk of a full size wetsock.

- 2 mm neoprene with titanium-laminate adhesive adds maximum warmth with minimal bulk.
- Glued, blind-stitched and fully-taped seams reduce the flow of cold water keeping your toes nice and toasty.
- The HydroCuff™ opening creates a comfortable seal around your ankles.
- The three-panel construction is comfortable and fits well into shoes and sandals.
- Anatomically shaped left and right feet offer superior fit and unmatched comfort while eliminating the guessing game
- Pairing snaps help prevent you from hitting the river with only one sock.


Weight: Large 0.25 lbs
Material:2 mm neoprene
Seams: Glued & blind-stitched
Taped Seams: Yes
Titanium-laminate adhesive for extra warmth
HydroCuff™ top
DWR watershedding coating on exterior
Anatomically correct left and right feet
Pairing snaps

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Men's Shoe Size (Sock Size)
3-4 (XS)
4-5 (S)
6-7 (M)
8-9 (L)
10-11 (XL)
12-13 (XXL)

Women's Shoe Size (Sock Size)
4-5 (XS)
5-6 (S)
7-8 (M)
9-10 (L)
11-12 (XL)
13-14 (XXL)

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