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Winde foam blocks are a great choice for those transporting a boat without a roof rack. (There are blocks that also work with a roof rack system for even better transport.) Depending on the type of gunwales that you have, there is foam block that will best suit just about every canoe. Foam pads meant to ride directly on your roof have a No-Skid pad on the bottom to keep your boat from sliding on your roof. Those pads meant to fit onto a roof rack like a Yakima/Thule rack or a factory-installed rack have a slot cut out to accept the crossbar. The Offset block is designed to fit gunwales that are highly asymmetric in cross-section, including nearly all vinyl gunwales and most of the aluminum gunwales found on Royalex canoes.

Classic blocks have a symmetrical cutout. They're shaped to fit onto traditional wood gunwales (like the wood trim from Mad River and Old Town, and the wood trim on Wenonah Royalex models). They're also the most versatile, so if your canoe doesn't really match one of the profiles, these can be made to work.

The Aluminum blocks are for narrower aluminum trim on Wenonah and Mad River composite canoes. They work well on the wood gunwales of Wenonah composite boats.

Most blocks are Tall, which is the standard height. Some styles are Extra-Tall and are designed to provide even greater clearance for things like seats or permanently-fixed fishing mounts.

All Winde foam blocks do a great job cushioning your boat for safe transport on your vehicle. It is essential that you use dependable hull straps and sound bow/stern straps or lines to safely transport you beloved boat.

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