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Ethan Scheiwe
Sales Manager & Boat Buyer

Hailing from Verona, Ethan claims that he can identify at least six types of birds, as well as three or four different types of trees. He paddles vintage Mad River canoes and says his J-Stroke is at least somewhat proficient, if not perfectly adequate. He plays disc golf, but constantly has to remind himself of that fact. In the mornings, he'll listen to The Grateful Dead, but in the evenings, it's all death metal. He likes to think he's good at fixing things on his workbench in the garage, but in reality, it's just a bunch of half completed mumbo-jumbo that gets in the way of his dart board.

Upon the editing of this page, Ethan will have worked here for something like six years or more. He can occasionally solve your problem, but they were likely caused by him without you even knowing it. He says he enjoys getting people the proper equipment to enjoy on the water.

Ethan does not believe in inspirational quotes, and has thus requested that none be entered at the bottom of this page.