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Sea to Summit

AquaRack SM

AquaRack SM
Aquaracks SM
Padded storage arms to safely keep your boat in place.
Sea to Summit-AquaRack SM
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AquaRacks® offer the simplest, strongest and most versatile storage system on the market today. Designed by paddlers to accommodate almost any type of paddling craft, AquaRacks® provide a safe, convenient solution for storage.

Aquaracks SM take up HALF the vertical wall space of the original Aquaracks! Packed with all the same great features and with a hefty capacity of up to 110 lbs. Designed to store smaller boats the Aquaracks SMs are perfect for whitewater or play boats, lightweight composites, smaller touring kayaks and rowing shells.

AquaRacks® can be placed at different spans allowing any size craft to be stored at the strongest part of its hull and supports the load evenly creating no pressure points. This helps prevent damage to the hulls, finish and overall structure of the craft, especially with plastics. The specially padded arms also prevent damage when loading or unloading.


  • Specially designed padded arms prevent damage and depressions to the hull and finish
  • Heavy duty closed-cell foam covered with a tough nylon sleeve protects the boats finish
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Stores small crafts up to 110 lbs
  • Can be ganged together for storage of multiple craft
  • Allows craft to be stored at multiple angles
  • Complete mounting kit included
  • Comes in paired-assorted colors red, green, or gold trim. (We can try to accommodate a color request if available)