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Pack 12 Kevlar-Fusion

Pack 12 Kevlar-Fusion
Pack 12 Kevlar-Fusion
Kayak-like performance with canoe comfort
Swift - Pack 12 Kevlar-Fusion
Item: SWI257-349989
Price: $2,995.00
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Today's paddler needs a boat that maximizes performance without sacrificing form and function. The Adirondack Pack 12 offers kayak-like performance with canoe-like comfort, giving you the best of both worlds. Modeled after our popular Adirondack kayaks, the Pack 12 is stable, roomy, and remarkably lightweight. It’s a great boat for recreational paddlers who want to maximize their time on the water.


Length: 12' 4” 
Weight: 22 lbs
Gunwale Width: 25"
Maximum Width: 27.5"
Waterline Width: 24"
Centre Depth: 10.5"
Bow Rocker: 1"
Stern Rocker: .5" 
Optimum Load Range: 100 - 240 lbs.  
Industry Capacity: 350 lbs

Black and Gold Carbon Kevlar Trim
Carbon Seat Base
Composite Decks

Two-Tone Color
This boat has a Champagne colored bottom because scratches on your boat always appear white. This keeps your boat looking newer, longer, and offers a little extra protection. A popular option for good reason!

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Kevlar Fusion Laminate

Our most popular canoe laminate with our highest strength to weight ratio.

Swift Kevlar Fusion canoes are built with uretheane acrylate resin that does not incorporate exterior gel coat. This infusion process produces the highest strength to weight ratio and inter-laminate shear strength of any composite hull in the industry. The hull is comprised of an exterior layer of Polyester, as well as S-glass and Kevlar cloth layers sandwiching a durable foam core and rib system. The laminate is fused together with a high impact, flexible urethane acrylate resin system injected during high pressure infusion, producing optimal dispersion and laminate consistency.

The Kevlar Fusion laminate is available with multiple vibrant exterior colour cloth finishes.