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The Kayak Cart

11" Kayak Cart (For Sandy Stretches)

11" Kayak Cart (For Sandy Stretches)
11' Kayak Cart (For Sandy Stretches)
Larger wheels for better footing in the sand.
The Kayak Cart-11" Kayak Cart (For Sandy Stretches)
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Designed for sea kayaks and recreational kayaks where long stretches of sand must be crossed. Since it has larger, wider wheels, the Kayak Walker, Sand performs better on varied or rougher surfaces than carts with smaller wheels. Of course, it also saves your back from the burden of lifting and carrying your boat. No longer do you need to carry your boat to the water. The cart makes transporting your kayak as easy as lifting one side and walking. No longer will travel over sand be a difficult barrier. Wheels are large 11" x 3" soft rubber smooth tread tires.  It is lightweight, tough, and compact. It can often be stowed under the deck in front of a paddler's legs, behind the paddler's seat or in the hatch. It is also suitable for canoes and rowing shells. It utilizes dual strap attachments. A long strap and hook to secure the cart to the cockpit and a short strap to belt it to the hull. Quick release straps and quick release wheel pins facilitate attachment and disassembly. 


Weight Capacity: 125 lbs
Weight: 3.6 lbs
Dimensions: 16.5"x10"x12"


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Easy & Smooth rating
Rolls easily and smoothly. Very happy with the 11" wheels. Wheels remove easily and store in my back hatch while the rest fits up by my feet without interfering. This has really made a difference for me. I don't have to concern myself with how far it is between parking and put-in. So I'm going places I didn't go before. Could be named "The Liberator!"

Reviewed by:Ardenfrom MADISON. on 9/25/2020

LOVE these wheels! Fit both my sit-on & my sit-in securely. rating
I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect set of wheels and this is it. I'm 5'3", 115 lbs with back & shoulder injuries from a car accident. I was frustrated by my inability to get the kayak from my house to the water by myself. I can attach this cart in the garage, easily lift the other end, roll to my truck, slide into the bed, drive to destination with wheels attached, slide back off the truck onto the wheels without the kayak touching the ground because the wheels are big, and roll to the water over any terrain. It even fits into the front end of my kayak without disassembling. No more being left behind! I highly recommend this cart with the large sand wheels. Also got to FL from WI in less than a week. Thanks Rutabaga!

Reviewed by:Candy Lutherfrom Sarasota, Florida. on 10/18/2012

The quality of this product is outstanding rating
I have to remove the wheels in order for them to fit in our kayaks. However, this is very easy to do. The straps that are used to attach the wheels are very adjustable, making them fit many different styles and sizes of kayaks. Additionally, Rutabaga was extremely helpful. I purchased these wheels over the internet, thus not being able to see them in person. I asked repeated questions of Rutabaga and they were always quick, patient and accurate with their responses. Great product, great transaction. Thanks.

Reviewed by:Laura Murrayfrom Howell, MI.. on 11/10/2011

well-engineered rating
These are well-engineered stern wheels. They'll fit any boat easily. The wheels themselves are excellent. They're well-balanced in terms of roll-ability and size. I've bought a couple more of them to give away as awesome gifts. Every kayaker needs a set of these.

Reviewed by:Dean Juntunenfrom Mass City, MI. on 8/27/2011

Good choice rating
I ordered and bought the Kayak Walker from Rutabaga knowing full well that if they were selling them they were probably going to work well. I was not disappointed. I'm not a spring chicken so need some help in transporting my Venture Flex kayak to water's edge. Easy to put on and keep on. Easy to take off. Nice large wheels. Makes life a lot easier.

Reviewed by:Sarah McGowanfrom Ripon, WI. on 6/17/2011

Best money I ever spent rating
I live about a hundred yards off of a lake and own a 58 pound kayak. This set of wheels makes getting down to the lake so much easier. The large wheels handle the deep, loose sand without any issue, and they come apart and fit very nicely into the hatch on the kayak. These are just about the best money I've ever spent!

Reviewed by:Tonyafrom Edgerton, WI. on 10/13/2010