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Landing Pad 21

Landing Pad 21
Landing Pad 21

The all-new Landing Pad 21 is a custom-install solution for use with Skyline Towers

Yakima-Landing Pad 21
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The all-new Landing Pad 21 is a custom-install solution with a 220-lb. load capacity. Specially designed to permanently install on roofs with a structural ditch seam, it's a great choice for most any vehicle without a factory rack system. And it goes well with Yakima Skyline Towers for heavy-duty loads such as platforms and rooftop tents. 

- Permanent installation into the roof ditch (the strongest part of the roof) for a 220-lb. load rating per set of 4. 
- Includes a new internal support bracket that's designed to be riveted into the roof ditch, through multiple layers of sheet metal-making it usable on almost any vehicle roof. 
- Features Yakima's patented Landing Pad design for quickest, easiest tower installation and removal. 
- Ideal for naked-roof vehicles and truck cabs for heavy-duty loads such as rooftop tents. 
- Includes a complete set of 4 Landing Pads, brackets, stainless steel rivets, a set of flat and stepped rubber pads, plus all required hardware. 
-Designed for use with Skyline Towers
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Note: We will not install this landing pad, as it requires that you drill through your car. 


Weight: 2.57 lbs
Dimensions: 7.00in x W 2.00in x H 1.50in