New Brand - Alpine Parrot

A few years ago, I was on Kickstarter, and I saw a woman putting together a project to solve a problem: pants that fit women over size 14 who wanted to be outside and be comfortable. Given that the average size of a woman in the US is 14, the fact that a lot of brands stop there is pretty short-sighted. She knew there was a market, as Raquel is her own model. 

I wrote a note to Raquel telling her that when she got to the place where she could sell via retail, I'd be their first storefront. She was very kind and thanked me. Two years later, I saw them on the list for a retailer's trade show, and we met. She remembered me and there were hugs all around. And then I saw them: The Ponderosa Pant. That original Kickstarter project.


We now have Alpine Parrot Ponderosas in the shop, and we'll have more in the spring. We have up to size 30 in two different types of fits. So, if you size is above average, we have pants that will suit you for hiking, paddling, or any other outdoor pursuit. And... they're not navy blue or brown. They're really cute, actually. So, if you've been frustrated by the inability to find clothes to fit your lifestyle, stop in (or check out our website).

Thanks, Raquel. Well done!