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Esquif Scout
Sale priceFrom $1,999.00
In stock
Prospecteur SportProspecteur Sport
Esquif Prospecteur Sport
Sale priceFrom $2,199.00
In stock
Penobscot 164Penobscot 164
Old Town Canoe Penobscot 164
Sale price$1,549.99
In stock
Northwind 16
Northstar Canoes Northwind 16
Sale priceFrom $3,295.00
In stock
Algonquin 16
Swift Algonquin 16
Sale price$4,895.00
In stock
Prospector 15 Combi
Swift Prospector 15 Combi
Sale price$5,550.00
Sold out
Northstar Canoes B19
Sale price$3,875.00
In stock
Nova Craft Canoe Haida
Sale price$3,739.00
In stock
Nova Craft Canoe Fox
Sale price$4,179.00
In stock
Image shown is of the Tuf-weave Flex-Core modelUltra-Light Color Options
Wenonah Canoe Prism
Sale price$3,699.00
In stock
Northstar Canoes Pearl
Sale price$3,195.00
In stock
Prospector 16 Combi
Swift Prospector 16 Combi
Sale price$4,595.00
Sold out
Keewaydin 18.6
Swift Keewaydin 18.6
Sale price$5,345.00
In stock
Keewaydin 16
Swift Keewaydin 16
Sale priceFrom $4,095.00
In stock
Prospector 17
Swift Prospector 17
Sale priceFrom $4,195.00
In stock
Prospector 15
Swift Prospector 15
Sale priceFrom $4,250.00
Sold out
Keewaydin 17
Swift Keewaydin 17
Sale priceFrom $4,395.00
In stock
Keewaydin 16 Combi
Swift Keewaydin 16 Combi
Sale priceFrom $4,595.00
Sold out
Prospector 16
Swift Prospector 16
Sale priceFrom $4,295.00
Sold out
Discovery 133
Old Town Canoe Discovery 133
Sale price$1,349.99
In stock
Minnesota II
Wenonah Canoe Minnesota II
Sale priceFrom $3,829.00
In stock
Save $317.85
Mallard XLMallard XL
Esquif Mallard XL
Sale priceFrom $1,801.15 Regular price$2,119.00
In stock
Spirit II
Wenonah Canoe Spirit II
Sale priceFrom $2,199.00
In stock
Wenonah Canoe Fisherman
Sale priceFrom $3,549.00
In stock

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