Why Fjallraven? The story of how we became a dealer...


I walked past a Fjallraven booth at a trade show a few years ago. I considered Fjallraven to be a fashion company that made backpacks for college students. At least that's all I ever saw. 

I poked my nose into the booth and saw a beautiful parka. Not a fashion piece, but a technical (yet fashionable) coat that would keep you warm in a Swedish winter. I was intrigued.

I shook hands with Bob Boland, the Sales Manager for Fjallraven, and asked him why I never knew about their technical clothing. He shrugged and suggested I may not have been paying attention. He had a point, but to be fair, their marketing is more focused on the Kanken purse / backpack.

Then I saw the mannequin wearing a pair of pants I had dreamed about: the Vidda Pro. If there is a perfect canoe pant, I think this is as close to it as there is. I drooled on them. The drool was repelled by the lightly waxed cotton G-1000 cloth. 

Reinforced seat and articulated knees? Check. No rear pockets? Yessss. Three front cargo pockets? Perfect. Snapped and elastic cuffs? Perfect for hiking up for a wet-foot portages. Side zippers on the legs allow for ventilation. There was nothing I didn't want in a canoe pant.

The more I looked around, the more technical (but again, fashionable) clothing that was equal to the Vidda Pro in terms of cut, construction, and quality of fabric. We were a Fjallraven dealer within the hour. 

Fjallraven is not inexpensive, but will last twice as long as some other brands, so it's actually a bargain. If you want some clothing that'll take you anywhere you want to go outdoors. Stop by and we'll give you a tour.


Darren Bush

 Owner and Chief Paddling Evangelist