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Build: Orange Camo
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Anglers, hunters and general recreational marine enthusiasts meet the Cargo 17s littlesquare stern brother. 20 pounds lighter (65 lbs.), the Cargo 15 is easier to car top and portage. This 15-foot square stern features one of the widest beams in its category (over 40 inches) giving it maximum stability and is perfect for carrying hunting dogs, harvesting game, or stand-up poling and sight fishing. With 16 inches of depth midship, proud ends and a shallow arched hull the 15 will run dry in open water lakes and coastal inshore estuaries.   Made with T-Formex the Cargo 15 is not just the best performing mid-sized square stern sporting canoe it is also the most durable and will hold its shape better than polyethylene canoes that will warp and misshape over time.   If you are in the hunt for a stable 15-foot canoe that does not require a trailer and can be easily car topped your search is over. Let the games begin! 


Length: 15 ft
Max Width: 41 in
Weight: 115 lb
Max Capacity: 1000 lb
Bow Rocker: 2 in
Stern Rocker: 2 in

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T-Formex is a high tech ABS plastic laminate, specially designed for products that require structural memory and a resistance to abrasion and impacts. These characteristics make it the best choice for recreational, whitewater and expedition canoes.

What does this mean in a practical sense? If you have the misfortune of wrapping your T-Formex canoe around a rock, using a mechanical advantage you will be able to pull the canoe off the rock and aside from a possible broken gunnel or thwart will be able to continue to paddle safely down the river. The abrasion resistance gives you confidence when pulling your boat up on shore or hitting a rock.

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