Build: T-Formex - Vinyl Gunwales - Camo
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Looking for a canoe the whole family can enjoy, but wanting it in a smaller, lighter, and more easily transportable package? Look no further than the Esquif Scout. Built with added width and volume, the Scout is also made from indestructible T-Formex for a durability and zero maintenance. Unlike other plastic canoes it will not warp or dent and give you a lifetime of maintenance free paddling. Designed for families, sportsmen, paddlers... the reliable Scout canoe is always ready to be strapped on your roof for your next water adventure.


Length: 14 ft 6 in
Max Width: 39 in
Weight: 59 lb
Number of Paddlers: 2
Bow Rocker: 1.5 in
Stern Rocker: 1.5 in

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