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Block Yoke Pads, Clamp-On
Clamp-On Solo Yoke
Northstar Canoes Clamp-On Solo Yoke
Sale price$69.95
In stock
Knee Pad
Northstar Canoes Knee Pad
Sale price$44.95
In stock
Boat Board Bungie
Northstar Canoes Boat Board Bungie
Sale price$18.95
In stock
Block Yoke Pads, Bolt-OnBlock Yoke Pads, Bolt-On
Clamp-On Tandem Yoke
Northstar Canoes Clamp-On Tandem Yoke
Sale price$74.95
In stock
Shoulder Carry Foam Pad
Northstar Canoes Shoulder Carry Foam Pad
Sale price$14.95
In stock
Walnut Drops - Kneeling (pair)
Trapezoid Knee Pad
Northstar Canoes Trapezoid Knee Pad
Sale price$109.95
In stock
Northstar Canoes Superbond
Sale price$18.00
In stock
Solo Yoke with CVCA Pads
Northstar Canoes Solo Yoke with CVCA Pads
Sale price$134.95
Sold out
Contour Knee Pad
Northstar Canoes Contour Knee Pad
Sale price$24.95
In stock
Backsaver: Bench Seat
Northstar Canoes Backsaver: Bench Seat
Sale price$95.95
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Walnut Laminated Thwart - Tandem
Walnut Laminate Yoke
Northstar Canoes Walnut Laminate Yoke
Sale price$41.95
In stock
Walnut Laminate Contour Seat
Walnut Seat Drop - Sitting (pair)
Tandem Yoke with CVCA Pads
Northstar Canoes Tandem Yoke with CVCA Pads
Sale price$139.95
Sold out
Northstar Logo Baseball Hat
Contoured Kneeling Thwart with Hardware
Knee Pad, Pair
Northstar Canoes Knee Pad, Pair
Sale price$21.95
In stock
Northstar Canoes Backsaver Bucket Seat
Skid Plate Kit
Northstar Canoes Skid Plate Kit
Sale price$89.95
In stock

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