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Size: Kayak Locking Small
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The secret to security is to make stealing your beloved object more difficult than stealing someone else's beloved object. Locking cables are a great way to suggest to a bad person that he/she should look somewhere else.

Included is one short cable and one long cable. Bring your own lock.

Small Kayak

    • Ideal for kayaks 9' to 14' long
    • Loops are 51" in circumference
    • Long cable is 9' long

Large Kayak

    • Ideal for kayaks 13' to 19' long
    • Loops are 45" in circumference
    • Long cable is 12' long

Canoe & Fishing Kayak

    • Ideal for canoes and large fishing kayaks up to 17' long
    • Loops are 58" in circumference
    • Long cable is 14' long

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