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The Recreational Barrel Works 30 Litre / 8 Gallon Barrel is RBW's mid-sized model. At 52cm tall x 31 cm wide (20 1/2 x  12 inches), this barrel is compact and still has lots of storage space.  It weighs 2 kg (4.4 pounds) empty.

This barrel features an air-tight plastic lid, a metal locking closure and two sturdy plastic folding handles.

Staff Review

Ethan says,

"Barrels just don't get enough love. Need a lot of food? Put in a barrel. Need to stow gear in a waterproof container? Put it in a barrel. Sick of hanging food packs? Put it in a barrel. I like to tie my barrel to a tree within or right near camp so if something is trying to get into it, they won't be able to run off with it, and hopefully, I can spook anything away by hearing them."

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