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All paddlers know that safety comes first! Improve your visibility in busy waterways with these paddle safety reflectors. They’re durable yet virtually weightless and paper-thin mirrors that adhere to your paddles. Moving paddles reflect brilliant flashes of sunlight that can be seen from afar. Includes 8 paddle safety reflectors per pack.


Protect yourself from powerboats and personal watercraft collisions with this kayak safety equipmentKayak paddle reflectors make you, the paddler, more visible on the water during daylight hours
Paddle Reflectors are waterproof, paper-thin, virtually weightless mirrors that stick to your paddle
Same hi-tech material used on fishing lures
When you move your paddle, brilliant flashes of reflected sunlight are visible for miles
Reflectors are die-cut 2" x 6" waterproof labels.
Made in the USA
Includes enough paddle reflectors to place 2 on each side of kayak paddle blades
Designed for daytime use only

Included in the paddle safety reflector box:
8 Paddle Reflectors (enough for 1 kayak paddle or 2 canoe paddles)

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