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Ed's Canoe 36in Ash Yoke
Sale price$26.95
In stock
32-36in Standard Thwart32-36in Standard Thwart
Ed's Canoe 32-36in Standard Thwart
Sale priceFrom $17.95
In stock
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Clamp-On Solo Yoke
Northstar Canoes Clamp-On Solo Yoke
Sale price$69.95
In stock
Clamp-On Tandem Yoke
Northstar Canoes Clamp-On Tandem Yoke
Sale price$74.95
In stock
Thwart 39 in Clear
Essex Industries Thwart 39 in Clear
Sale price$13.75
In stock
Ash on left
Ed's Canoe Ash Carry Handle
Sale price$5.95
In stock
Deluxe Ash Yoke
Nova Craft Canoe Deluxe Ash Yoke
Sale price$55.95
Sold out
Wide Canoe Yoke
Essex Industries Wide Canoe Yoke
Sale price$17.95
In stock
Ed's Canoe Yoke / Cane Center Seat
Sale price$62.95
In stock
Ed's Canoe 40in Walnut Standard Thwart
Sale price$31.95
In stock
Solo Yoke with CVCA Pads
Northstar Canoes Solo Yoke with CVCA Pads
Sale price$134.95
Sold out
Contoured Kneeling Thwart with Hardware
AshAsh Contour Yoke
Ed's Canoe Ash Contour Yoke
Sale price$68.95
In stock
Universal Padded Canoe YokeUniversal Padded Canoe Yoke
Essex Industries Universal Padded Canoe Yoke
Sale priceFrom $67.95
Sold out
Walnut Laminated Thwart - Tandem
Walnut Laminate Yoke
Northstar Canoes Walnut Laminate Yoke
Sale price$41.95
In stock
Tandem Yoke with CVCA Pads
Northstar Canoes Tandem Yoke with CVCA Pads
Sale price$139.95
Sold out
Pedestal Mount Solo Yoke
Walnut in Middle
Ed's Canoe Walnut Carry Handle
Sale price$8.50
Sold out
Ed's Canoe 36in Walnut Yoke
Sale price$37.50
Sold out
Solo Seat Mount Yoke
Ed's Canoe 40in Ash Standard Thwart
Sale price$22.95
In stock

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