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North Water

Contact Tow

Contact Tow
Contact Tow
Multi-use towing system.
North Water-Contact Tow
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The Contact Tow is a short connection for close (contact) towing. It doubles as a stirrup, bridle tow, painter, rafting bridle, and paddle leash to name a few.

- One short tow-line set up to perform a wide array of functions
- Connects quickly and easily with wide gate stainless steel carabiners
- Eyed Carabiners can't release from the tether
- Knot-less connections resists snagging with deck lines


As a contact tow, fasten one carabiner to your deck line in front of the cockpit and the other to the boat being towed. Make sure that the line is positioned in a way to not entangle either paddler.

To use as a paddle leash, the line must be wrapped around the paddles and secured with the carabiner.

If using the Contact Tow as a rescue stirrup, become familiar with the 'Butterfly knot' for a secure footloop. Do not use a slip knot, as it will lead to an entrapment situation.

More Info

  • H2prO Rope, 60" in length and 1/4" in diameter
  • 2 Small S.S. Keyhole Carabiners
  • Tensile of 1300
  • Weight: 105g


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It's OK rating
The quality is fine, I think the length is good, maybe a TAD short, but the biners are too small to just clip onto a paddle. I would have thought from the image and description ("Wide Gate") they'd be bigger. You could clip the caribiner back onto the rope around the paddle, but it's another step. These biners won't clip onto a paddle shaft. I returned it and will just make my own.

Reviewed by:Jenna Ginsbergfrom Portland, ME. on 2/24/2012