Two Tone Color

+ $100
  • Typically done in Champagne white, a gel coat waterline can hide those pesky scratches while adding some head-turning looks. Because scratches on your boat always appear white, we Swift offers a Champagne colored bottom to keep your boat looking newer, longer and to offer a little extra protection. A popular option for good reason!

Color Match Skid Plates

+ $150

  • Add some durability right off the bat with these skid plates designed to match the color of your canoes hull. Skid plates absorb the abuse that boats take at the bow and stern in landing or in rock collisions. Made of Kevlar felt, impregnated with an impact and abrasion resistant epoxy resin they are incredibly durable. 

Detachable Yokes

While some paddlers are content to pick up their boat and carry it on one shoulder - backcountry trippers demand the comfort and ease of a Contour Yoke. Swift's simple, strong screw in system makes it quick and easy to take off and put on.

Detachable Cherry Yoke 
+ $150
  • Portage your pack canoe over mountains with a detachable carrying yoke, made from cherry wood. 
Detachable Carbon Yoke 
+ $500
  • For those super canoes, the same detachable yoke now in Carbon Fiber

Cherry Outers and Decks

This beautiful upgrade to standard Carbon Kevlar Trim offers a wood finish with less maintenance than Swift's ffull cherry trim.

Carbon Footbar

Offers a versatile bracing point with more options for foot placement as the bar reaches across the entire width of the canoe.

Fishing Package

Wood Thwarts + $100

OR Carbon Thwarts + $200

  • The Fishing Package includes 6 universal mounts spread across 2 support thwarts, allowing paddlers to configure the boat to suit their needs and mount fishing accessories directly to the thwarts.