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The 4 Wheel Canoe Cart is a horse collar cradle that mounts on either the bow or stern and attaches to the boat by wrapping around either a seat or thwart with a nylon strap and side squeeze buckle. The two extra wheels aid in getting your canoe on and off of your vehicle. To do this, you simply spin the boat upside down and onto the other set of wheels, then feed the boat up onto your rack, strap it down, remove the cart, and head for home. When you get home, reattach the cart and repeat the steps in reverse order. It's as simple as that. The Canoe Walker II will save your back and make loading and unloading easier.
It is important to note that this cart works best with canoes that have a narrow bow, such as an ultra-light touring hull. Proper strap placement is critical.

Designed to enable single person handling of a canoe both right side up and upside down. The 8.5" x 24" molded frame fits most canoes. Will not fit wide beam canoes. All four 10"x 2" wheels are strong hard plastic and the carrier attaches by a single strap to the seat or thwart.

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