BilgeMaster Pump


Size: 17 inch
Sale price$49.95

Product Details

The Aqua-Bound BilgeMaster expels more water than any pump on the market and is made in America with a stainless-steel rod. This pump has a comfortable grip for less hand strain which is connected to a stainless steel piston for long-lasting performance. 


  • High-Volume - expels one gallon in less than 8 pump strokes 
  • Hose Fitting - designed to easily accommodate hoses with 1" inner diameter
  • Floatable - high-density foam sleeve
  • Strong - stainless steel piston rod
  • Easy to see - eye-grabbing colors
  • Easy to use - ergonomic T-grip, sleek profile
  • Attachable - modeled eyelet

    17-inch model

    • Measures 17" from the bottom of the pump to the spigot.
    • Measures 21" overall length.

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