Challenge 85 2-Piece Stand-Up Paddle


Length: 64-74 in
Sale price$224.95

Product Details

Challenge Stand Up paddle is for serious paddleboarders who appreciate a 100% carbon shaft, contoured palm grip, and carbon-reinforced proprietary resin blade. The Challenge comes in both adjustable and fixed lengths, and each is super lightweight - just 28 oz. for the adjustable length paddle, and a mere 25 oz. for the fixed-length style. With materials and weights like these, you know your time on the water will be less fatiguing. The Challenge's stiff, durable blade grabs more water and delivers more power with every stroke to propel you further, faster. This paddle's eye-popping Polynesian graphics make a real statement on the water.

2-piece adjustable SUP paddle available in two length spans: 70-80 inches and 76-86 inches.


Blade Material - Carbon-reinforced proprietary resin: This resin is more hydrophobic than most other molded blades, which means it won't absorb water and pick up extra weight as you paddle. Because it's reinforced with carbon fibers, this blade is stiffer and more durable than most other Stand-Up blades no whippy, wimpy blade here.

Shaft Material - Carbon: The 100% carbon shaft offers both exceptional durability and super lightweight. The shaft has a 10° bend for more comfortable paddling.


Weight 25 oz
Blade Dimensions 17 x 8.5 in
Shaft Material Carbon-reinforced resin

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