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Size: 5L
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    Two sizes of insulated Barrel Coolers help keep cold things cold on hot days. Each size works on its own, or with its appropriate Blue Barrel in tandem with the TriBags, Barrel Caddy, and Barrel Accessory Roll systems to provide the perfect configurations for before, during, and after your trip. Choose the Large for a 60 L Blue Barrel or Small for a 30 L Blue Barrel.
    • ½" closed cell foam for insulation.
    • Double-walled with roll-top closures.
    • Seam taped inner lining and insulation are removable for easy cleaning.
    • Collapsible when empty.
    • Don't forget, the coolers also work great on their own without a barrel!
    Note - though the liner is taped, the coolers are not 100% waterproof. Moisture may seep through roll-top closure.


    • Made with durable marine-grade acrylic-coated polyester 
    • Seam tapped interior
    Barrel Cooler - Small (40CO-92)
    Dimensions: 8"H x 9"W
    Size: 5L
    Barrel Size: 30L

    Barrel Cooler - Large (40CO-89)
    Dimensions: 10"H x 11"W
    Size: 15L
    Barrel Size: 60L

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