Basswood 18


Brand: Ultra-light w/Aramid - VersiGunwales - Clear
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We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of make and models to choose from at Rutabaga, but that means that we sometimes don't have specific models or colors shown on our sales floor. If you want to come and check out a specific boat on our sales floor, please call or email us in advance to set up a viewing appointment. If we don't have the exact make and model you're after on the floor, it could take 45 minutes or more to retrieve that specific boat from our warehouses.

If the Basswood 17 is the Ford F-150, the Basswood 18 is the F-250 with dualies. This boat can carry a huge load with aplomb.

The ultimate backcountry fishing machine. The Basswood series offers massive stability and capacity and comes standard with Wenonah’s revolutionary VersiGunwale integrated gunwale track system. Offered exclusively in our proven ultralight aramid construction.

The Basswood 18 offers outstanding stability and capacity in a lightweight wilderness tripping canoe. A foot longer than our proven Basswood 17, the Basswood 18 has even more capacity and stability. A roomy cockpit and higher seat placement offer more comfort for a long day on the water.

The Basswood 18 is the right choice for the serious angler, especially when getting to big fish means planning a big trip. Standard VersiGunwales integrate an accessory rail along the full length of the canoe and are compatible with a wide range of rod holders, fish finder mounts and kayak fishing accessories.

Gear up for backcountry fishing with the Basswood 18.


Length: 18 ft
Max Width: 36.5 in
Weight: 48 lb
Number of Paddlers: 2
Bow Rocker: 0 in
Stern Rocker: 0 in

Build Options


Ultra-light w/ Aramid
Wenonah’s Ultra-light hulls are stiff and incredibly light. They are ideal for efficient distance paddling and for all people or conditions that demand the lightest gear. Our construction features a structural core and ribs laminated into the hull and sides. Extra fabric layers are then added to strengthen specific targeted areas.

Aluminum plates are strategically laminated into the hull, onto which seats, foot braces and all hardware are then riveted. This gives a highly secure connection and eliminates rivet heads on the exterior.


The VersiGunwale is a new, exciting option for all Wenonah composite canoes. The new VersiGunwale is slotted on the inner-facing side bow-to-stern to accept all common rail-mounted fishing and accessories. The VersiGunwale also brings additional strength and rigidity to the canoe with only a small weight increase.

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