Black Pearl II


Size: 50 in.
Sale price$289.95

Product Details

The sleek, Black Pearl II is a carbon canoe paddle weighing in at 16 ounces with reinforced edge protection on the blade. This paddle is perfect for canoeists who want fewer ounces and more years from their paddle. Designed with an 11-degree bend, the Black Pearl II is a wise choice from every angle.

The Black Pearl II has a 100% carbon grip, shaft, and blade to make your time on the water more enjoyable.

The Black Pearl II is available with an 11-degree bend in sizes ranging from 48 to 56 inches (in 2-inch increments).


Weight: 16 oz.
Blade Size: 8.25” x 18.75”
Blade Surface Area: 105 sq. in.
Blade: Foam Core Carbon
Blade Protection: Reinforced Edge Protection
Shaft: 11° Bend
Shaft Material: 100% Carbon
Grip Style: Contoured Palm Grip

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