BlockerLite Compression Dry Sack

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Waterproof, ultralight packing organization at its finest, our new BlockerLite Compression Dry Sack protects essential backpacking and hiking gear like clothing and sleeping bags, while the Continuous Compression system reduces overall volume for maximum packing efficiency.


Ultralight: Featherweight 20D silicone- and polyurethane-coated nylon delivers waterproof protection while barely tipping the scales.
Smarter compression: Unlike conventional systems that pull against seams, our Continuous Compression system encircles the sack to minimize seam strain, maximizing durability for dependable protection.
PurgeAir™-equipped: Our unique and waterproof PurgeAir valve vents trapped air, helping the sack compress further after being sealed, and is both more durable and more reliably waterproof than waterproof/breathable fabric membranes.
Waterproof closure: Roll-top closure features a wrinkle-free stiffening strip to ensure a secure seal when closing the dry sack.
Durable construction: Fully welded seams result in stronger and more durably protective construction compared to sewn-and-taped seams.
Efficient-Packing: PackTight™ packing system sacks feature flat-sided, rectangular shapes that nestle closely together, packing 20% more efficiently than rounded sacks for easy, space-saving organization.

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Technical Specs
10 Liter 20 Liter
Weight (Standard) 3.4 oz 4.3 oz
Weight (Metric) 0.09 kg 0.12 kg
Width (Standard) 4.3 in 5.5 in
Width (Metric) 11 cm 14 cm
Length (Standard) 8.2 in 10.4 in
Length (Metric) 21 cm 26.5 cm
Height (Standard) 14.1 in 18.8 in
Height (Metric) 36 cm 48 cm
Volume (Standard) 610 cu. in 1220 cu. in
Volume (Metric) 10 liters 20 liters
PVC-Free Yes Yes
Closure Roll-down Roll-down
Bottom Shape Rectangular Rectangular
Protection Level Waterproof Waterproof
Material(s) 20D silicone/polyurethane-coated nylon 20D silicone/polyurethane-coated nylon
Country of Origin Made in China Made in China

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