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Our belt pouch is made to fit our sharpening puck like a glove. The true value is in the quality. We take our ages old raw materials and craft a belt pouch that won’t disappoint. When you don’t need to keep a sharpening stone on hand, it’ll work great to carry other objects on a belt. Like what? Well, how ‘bout a compass and signal mirror? Or a first aid kit for cuts? There’s space for a couple shotgun shells or a reload for a sidearm, some (but likely not all) multi tools could fit, a tin of airgun ammo or even an energy bar or two.


DIMENSIONS: 4.25in H x 4.25in W x 1.5in D, Weight: 0.1lb.

MATERIALS: 18oz Waxed Cotton Canvas, Cotton Binding, Leather Belt Loop and Solid Brass Snaps

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