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Super simple, the EasyTop is an instant roof rack. Strap it on top of almost any vehicle to carry up to 80 lbs of long, flat gear - from skis and snowboards to boats and surfboards. It installs in minutes - just loop it through the door frames and buckle it up. The thick padding protects your vehicle and your gear, and the double-latching buckle adds extra security. Traveling out of town? Bring it along and strap it to your rental vehicle.


Straps on top of almost any vehicle to create an instant roof rack
Carries us to 80 lbs of gear
Great for boats, boards, skis, ladders, and other long, flat loads
Thick structural padding protects your roof and your gear
Secures easily through door frames with integrated straps
Double-latching buckle adds security
Heavy-Duty Straps and Tie-Down rope included (HoodAnchor, sold separately, is required for vehicles with no attachment points for Tie-Down rope)

Weight: 4.50 lbs
Dimensions: L 38.00in x W 5.12in x H 3.50in
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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10 Minute Install
Fully Assembled
Tool-Free Install

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