Style: Men's
Size: 25
Sale price$179.95

Product Details

A truly classic snowshoe in every sense! The Frontier has been a staple of the Tubbs' Trail Walking category for years and for good reason! The streamlined 180™ EZ binding makes entry and exit a breeze with a single buckle tightening mechanism, while Control Wings™ and a heel strap provide efficient, lightweight support. The minimalist design of the Frontier delivers efficient performance on packed trails thanks to the aluminum Fit-Step™ frame and SoftTec™ decking. Whether you’re a budding snowshoer or just looking to take on less intense trails and hikes, the Frontier has everything you need for your next winter excursion. Size: 25, 30, 36
Color: Black
Articulation: Rotating Toe Cord
Binding: 180™ EZ Binding
Snowshoe Frame: Fit-Step™ Frame
Crampon: Recreational Toe Crampon

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