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Say goodbye to a sagging clothesline with the Taut Line Kit. Whether it’s drying towels, hanging gear, or suspending lights, the kit’s heavy duty 550 Paracord is designed for the rigors of the outdoors. It’s also long enough for hanging a bear bag and packs well for use as a travel clothesline or use it during hiking and backpacking trips. With the innovative Line Tensioners that feature numbered slots, a simple figure 8 knot is all that's needed to hang gear without drooping. Set up a tight camp line virtually anywhere with the GEAR AID Taut Line Kit.


Made of 100% nylon, the strong and reflective 550 Paracord is an adventure tool you can count on from sunset to sundown
Cord construction consists of seven inner strands that can be pulled apart and used as a fishing line or thread
50 ft paracord is ideal for hanging towels, boots, water filters, bear bags, and packs; works as a survival bracelet, too
Line Tensioners with easy-to-follow steps/slots keeps clothesline from sagging so gear stays high and dry
Compatible with the Camp Carabiner to hang gear at camp with just a simple twist and turn
Not for climbing

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Kit Components: 50 ft 550 Paracord and 4 Line Tensioners
550 Paracord Material: 100% nylon
550 Paracord Weight: 2.6 oz
Line Tensioner Materials: aluminum metal
Not for Climbing

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